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Xinan electric first "optimal I show" cup of SMT pick frame material things


In order to implement the people-oriented concept of enterprise culture construction, inspire and mobilize the staff's initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, improve enterprise technology productivity.Xinan electric held the first "optimal I show" cup of SMT frame material match, after more than two months, a complete ended! 
Through layer upon layer pageant, 20 personal level's final.The referee qualifications four engineers as by the company.
Final contestants took the oath of the day: resolutely obey the arrangement from the referee, strictly abide by the discipline and the rules of the contest, respect the opponent, obey the referee, the level, race out of style.Do in the game, to win without pride and lose with grace, with full enthusiasm to participate in the competition actively, strive to achieve good results.
In order to ensure the SMT pick material match smoothly, all of us judge solemnly swear: strictly abide by the rules of the contest and referees discipline, respect for the team member, civilization referee, seriously, don't follow the affair, let right be done, the successful completion of the job.
After a tense match, finally zhang, Emily, Cao Weiqin respectively for three kinds of SMT machine model material of the first prize.
Gold always express affirmation and expectations for the game. Sure answer the frame material match was very successful.Expectation of MI period of activity, such as welding or plug-in competition held form the company's corporate culture.Excellent staff follow-up recommendations for training lecturer, will be a good experience and skills is good go down.
Because be held for the first time, a lot of need to improve, from start to finish, because of insufficient prophase planning and partial long white night shift staff activity cycle.Before the activity without docking frame material real time collect data.Fuck machine personnel when frame material, to master enough material mouth cleanliness.Hope in the next game plan more perfect.

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